KonaKart integration ready for developers.

We at FedTax are pleased to announce that we have integrated our TaxCloud service with the KonaKart shopping cart software.

TaxCloud provides a comprehensive sales tax service for U.S. online merchants.  The service is entirely free of charge.  This is possible because revenues are provided by state governments under the Streamlined States initiative.

Some features of TaxCloud include the ability to calculate local sales taxes in over 13,000 jurisdictions and account for type of merchandise, exemptions, tax holidays, etc.  TaxCloud will file merchant tax returns and handle remittances.

There is no software or database to install.  Rather, the relevant tax data is delivered to the KonaKart over a real-time web services API. The web service calls are taken care of by the API code. You just need to make simple calls to the TaxCloud Java objects to call the appropriate services.

The TaxCloud API code is available on SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/taxcloudlibs/

To use these services you will also need to create a free Merchant account at: http://taxcloud.net/

This integration was build on version 5.0 of the KonaKart software. I modified two classes and I am also including some sql to insert the custom properties required for this integration.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us at: integration@taxcloud.net

* Tax.java
* KKCustomEng.java
* sql_inserts_base.txt

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