New Version of TaxCloud Implementation for Zen Cart – Now Supporting PayPal Express Checkout!

We are proud to announce that the TaxCloud implementation for Zen Cart now fully supports PayPal Express Checkout. Without this implementation, the default implementation of PayPal Express Checkout in Zen Cart is not complete in that it does not support dynamic tax calculations within PayPal. When the “Express Checkout Shortcut Button” is used on the shopping cart page, the Zen Cart checkout process is skipped so tax is never calculated.

We have resolved this issue by implementing the “callback” process within PayPal. Once the customer is redirected to PayPal and logs in PayPal then calls back to the server to retrieve shipping options and tax rates. Once the customer chooses a shipping option they are redirected back to Zen Cart to complete the order. We now have a complete integration with PayPal, Zen Cart and TaxCloud.

If the “Express Checkout Shortcut Button” is not used PayPal Express Checkout can still be used. PayPal can be selected as a payment method and the taxes calculated by TaxCloud will be passed over to PayPal.

The new code is available for download here.

Note: Your server will need to have SSL enabled to be able to use the callback process. Not all shipping modules have been implemented yet. Currently we support Flat Rate, Per Item, Free Shipping, Per Weight Unit and Store Pickup.

11 Responses to New Version of TaxCloud Implementation for Zen Cart – Now Supporting PayPal Express Checkout!

  1. Zach says:

    Excellent now if only you guys support the new FedEx Web Services Shipping module by Numinix we’d be in business. Any idea when TaxCloud will support other shipping modules?

    • davefedtax says:

      Thanks for the question. The TaxCloud module should be compatible with different shipping modules. Are you having issues with this specific module?

  2. Ron Lee says:

    Where do I find the TaxCloud API ID and TaxCloud API Key requested for ZenCart installations?

    I signed up for user account at, updated our profile, billing info etc. Downloaded files from the link contained in this forum message: “New Version of TaxCloud Implementation for Zen Cart – Now Supporting PayPal Express Checkout!”. installed files on server. Everything looks good so far with the following exceptions:

    1. The readme.txt document “TaxCloud PHP Integration – v1.4” needs improvement as follows:

    a. Para 3 “….navigate to Admin -> Locations/Taxes/ TaxCloudSettings…” shoud read “… navigate to Admin -> Location/Taxes -> TaxCloud Tax Lookups…”.

    b. Para 3 “…file permissions for taxCloudConfig.php need to be set to make the file writeable…” should read .file permissions for includes/modules/TaxCloud/ taxCloudConfig.php need to be set to make the file writeable…” .

    Note: it also unclear if the write permission is to be set for user only, group or other (rest of world). I set mine to 777 (read,write & execute) for all three but would prefer to make ‘other’ read/execute only if write is not necessary.

    I would suggest a separate “TaxCloud PHP Integration – v1.4” document for ZenCart API’s with these changes as the paths are specific for ZenCart installs.

    • davefedtax says:

      Hello Ron,

      The TaxCloud API ID and Key are available from your merchant account on When you create a “Location” which describes your web site a ID and Key are generated for you.

      Thank you for the feedback on the readme file. We are working on a more detailed installation guide for Zen Cart which will be available shortly.

  3. Jeff Everett says:

    First off, taxcloud is awesome!

    Just wondering if there is any ETA/update on when the zen cart integration will fully support discount coupons? Specifically, I’d really love to be able to at least have the discount coupons “define pages” page still visible- i lose it when I remove the built-in zen cart discount coupons module.

    • davefedtax says:

      Hello Jeff, the TaxCloud integration for Zen Cart does include discount coupons. There is a coupon module for TaxCloud that needs to be enabled, to replace the built-in coupon module. This module correctly calculates the cart totals when using TaxCloud to calculate the taxes.

      • Jeff Everett says:

        Hi Dave, thanks for the response I really appreciate any help.

        I have enabled the tax cloud discount coupon order total module. “ot_taxcloud_coupon” from the zen cart admin modules:order total as you advised, andTaxCloud is working and doing the discounts.

        There are still two minor issues:
        1. When a discount is applied the tax isn’t being recalculated to reflect the discount amount. Basically this means I’m charging tax on a higher amount than what the customer is really ordering. This thread from the zen cart forum shows where a user “taxcloud” was aware of the issue.

        2. The “regular” zen cart discount coupons module has a page where a customer can view a list of all the coupons currently available for my store. When I turn off the regular zen cart coupon module and turn on the taxcloud one instead my discount coupons page disappears. This is the issue I’m most concerned about: is there is any way to have the taxcloud discount coupons module not disable the built-in discount coupons page.



      • davefedtax says:

        1. The way the coupon module works is to calculate the tax based on original subtotal of the order, before discounts. This is the correct way to do it based on the SSUTA rules. Is this not what you are seeing in your cart? The post on the Zen Cart forum was made before we published the custom coupon module for TaxCloud.

        2. I’m not aware of the coupon page. The TaxCloud coupon module is basically a copy of the Zen Cart coupon module. I will take a look to see if I can find any differences that would cause this problem.

  4. Jeff Everett says:

    Hi Dave, thanks again for the help.

    Indeed situation #1 is correct, I just didn’t know that vendors are supposed to charge tax on a discounted amount. Thanks for the clarification on that one.

    As far as situation #2 goes, the site I’m working with is and I’d be more than happy to toggle the default/tax cloud modules or help you help me in any way. The “default” page I’m referring to is located in includes/languages\english/discount_coupon.php. If I can provide any other info please let me know. Thanks again!


  5. davefedtax says:

    Jeff, I will try to reproduce it here first.

    • Jeff Everett says:

      OK, found a pretty good solution with Dave’s help. The discount coupons page is default

      If you just want to have your discount coupons page displayed then you can use the EZ pages tool to create a new link to it since removing the built in order total module will keep it from showing up in your links. From admin go to tools:ez pages. Create a new page, and near the bottom where it asks about internal/external links enter “index.php?main_page=discount_coupon” without the quotes.

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