Issues With Version of PHP and Web Services

There have been several reports of issues with certain versions of PHP when using Zen Cart and TaxCloud. The TaxCloud module uses web services to communicate with the TaxCloud server to calculate taxes. This communication is done over an SSL connection. Therefore we require a PHP configuration that is set up with cURL and SSL.

PHP version 5 is the minimum version that would meet these requirements. However, it appears that there are a few newer versions that are having issues with SSL. So far we have seen this issue with versions 5.2.13, 5.2.14, 5.2.15 and 5.2.17. The error received looks like the following:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [WSDL] SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn’t load from ‘’ : Start tag expected, ‘SoapClient(‘…’) #1 /home/wysecent/public_html/dsb/init.php(1314): require(‘/home/wysecent/…’) #2 /home/wysecent/public_html/dsb/preauth.php(69): include_once(‘/home/wysecent/…’) #3 /home/wysecent/public_html/dsb/auth.php(60): require(‘/home/wysecent/…’) #4 /home/wysecent/public_html/dsb/home.php(52): require(‘/home/wysecent/…’) #5 {main} thrown in /home/wysecent/public_html/dsb/modules/TaxCloud/taxCloudConfig.php on line 22

The solution to this issue is to upgrade to PHP 5.3. There may be other solutions but they have not been verified.

3 Responses to Issues With Version of PHP and Web Services

  1. Eric Snell says:

    Are there other solutions? I’m on a shared server and can’t upgrade my PHP installation.

    • davefedtax says:

      Hello Eric,

      First I would say that it may be possible that your current server may be compatible without any changes. I can send you a test file that you can place on your server which will determine if your server is set up properly.

      There are other solutions but they require recompilation of Apache, which you would not be able to do either. Unfortunately this is a bug within PHP that we don’t have any control over.

  2. Eric Snell says:

    I tried the test.php I found in documentation. Seems the same code is in the ZenCart “Configuration Test” portion of the admin page?

    Anyway, I’m getting an error but not understanding where to see it. Like I said, the php log and the apache log look clean (using the cpanel tool to look at server log and viewing the php log directly). Seems I should be seeing the error referenced in this post in the php log.

    Please send test if it’s different than what is in the zencart admin php “Configuration Test” portion of the taxcloud.php file.

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