New TaxCloud Operating Procedures and User Guide Now Available!

We are proud to announce that a new version of the TaxCloud Operating Procedures and User Guide is now available! This document contains information on setting up your merchant account as well as detailed developer information.

The guide covers all the features of TaxCloud, including but not limited to:

– Real-time sales tax calculation
– Automatic merchant registration with all state agencies
– Automatic filing of sales tax returns
– Using Taxability Information Codes
– Managing exemption certificates
– Address verification
– And more!

You can download a copy of this guide by logging into your TaxCloud merchant account, going to the “API Instructions” area, and clicking on the “Operating Procedures and User Guide” link.

11 Responses to New TaxCloud Operating Procedures and User Guide Now Available!

  1. Jerrold Thompson says:

    Are there any plans to provide some examples of incorporating TaxCloud with a Ruby on Rails e-commerce solution, e.g. Spree?

    • davefedtax says:

      Hi, thanks for the question. Yes, a Ruby example is in the works and we plan on integrating with Spree as well. Both of these should be available soon. TaxCloud is fairly easy to integrate with through web services if you would like to do your own integration.

  2. Is the integration with Spree available yet?



  3. Eric says:

    Also would love to know. Any update on an official Spree TaxCloud solution?

  4. Jack says:

    I see that a couple shopping carts have this available with their ASP cart. Do you guys offer this in ASP version without having to purchase their carts?

    • Dave says:

      Hello Jack, our service can be integrated into any type of application. The integration is done utilizing web services. Are you interested in integrating TaxCloud into another ASP application?

  5. Jack says:

    I have a custom cart done in ASP. I am interested in getting this implemented. I have signed up and have my keys. Any help or maybe direction towards a programmer who could help would be great.

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