TaxCloud Integration Now Available for Ubercart

TaxCloud is proud to announce the release of a free integration of TaxCloud with Ubercart, a popular open-sourced shopping cart for the Drupal platform. More information on Ubercart is available at

The module is available for download here.

The installation instructions are below:


1) Register for a TaxCloud merchant account at Information on using your TaxCloud account can be found in our user guide found here.

2) Register to obtain an USPS account ID at
Follow the steps on the email you’ll receive to set this USPS account for production usage, or call USPS support. This module won’t work if your USPS account is not on production mode. This account is used to verify addresses.

3) With Ubercart installed, install the TaxCloud module as usual—see for further information. This module requires the following modules (most of them required by Ubercart): Taxes, Store, Payment, Order, Rules, Entity tokens, Entity API, Views, Chaos tools, Product, Image, File, Field, and Field SQL storage.


4) Configure the TIC Field for product classes:

a) Go to Structure > Content Types > Product > Manage Fields (admin/structure/types/manage/product/fields).

b) Add a TIC Code field. Machine name MUST be field_tic_code of type “Text” with “Text field” widget. Set as non-required, set default value to 00000, and set maximum length to 255.

c) Repeat steps a and b for each product class of your store. We suggest you use “Add existing field” for each class once you’ve added the field for the first time. You can set different default values for TIC codes on each class. See for more information.

5) Go to Store > Configuration > TaxCloud settings (admin/store/settings/uc_taxcloud).

a) Set the Default Taxability Information Code for the store. This is a global setting, just in case not every product has a TIC configured. See for more information.

b) Set the Shipping Taxability Information Code. This is the TIC applied to shipping. (The standard shipping TIC is 11010.) See for more information.

c) Set the TaxCloud API ID, API Key, and USPS ID from steps 1 and 2. See for more information.

d) Set the “Delivered by seller” option (1= seller’s vehicle, 0 = other method—e.g., UPS, FedEx).

6) Configure “Store address”: Go to Store > Configuration > Store > Store Address (admin/store/settings/store) and set all the fields with valid information.

7) (Optional) Activate the TaxCloud cart pane at Store > Configuration > Cart (admin/store/settings/cart). This will let your users have pre-calculated taxes before checkout. Note: In the cart pane, shipping taxes are not calculated.

8) (Optional) Configure the TIC codes for your products: Edit your products. You’ll find the TIC code field you configured on step #4 on “Product Information” section where the SKU is. The text field interface will be replaced automatically with TaxCloud’s TIC code selector. (Must have Javascript enabled.)

9) Test your configuration by adding some products to the cart and setting real shipping addresses on checkout page. You’ll find a “Taxes” line item with sales tax lookup amount. It’s recommended that you enable error displaying on admin/config/development/logging for tests. That will show you valuable information if lookup cannot be done for some reason.

Important: On production sites, you must not show lookup errors to the user (admin/config/development/logging) as they may contain sensitive data.

7 Responses to TaxCloud Integration Now Available for Ubercart

  1. It woild be nice if thre were a version for Drupalcommerce. It is based upon Ubercart, and witten by the same authors.

  2. Vivek says:

    I tried all the steps mentioned in the post, I am not getting any errors, but I am not getting sales tax on my checkout page. Need to deliver project to client, only sales tax integration is becoming a problem.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Vivek says:

    Thanks Fed
    As suggested by you I have emailed the issue at
    Looking forward for a solution. 🙂


  4. Robert says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the module, installed following the README file, and tried it out on a local installation using Ubercart 3.5 with Drupal 7. It properly calculates the sales tax in the checkout process. However, in the Ubercart Sales tax report (https://mysite/admin/store/reports/tax), for the transaction, the Jurisdiction, Tax rate, and Total taxable amounts are missing for this transaction (they are displayed on the report as *). This seems to be a bug (and a rather important bug, since this is the information needed when TaxCloud is not submitting tax returns). Is there a fix planned, or am I missing a setting?

    • FedTax says:

      Hi Robert,
      All of the information for your sales tax returns are available from within the TaxCloud merchant interface ( Just log in and go to the Filings tab.

      • Robert says:

        Hi, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Under the Filings tab, it says “TaxCloud has not prepared any sales tax returns for your account yet.” There is no other information listed on that page. The state map for our account says for NY “You are responsible for preparing and filing your sales tax returns there.” We’re prepared to do that, but we need the tax information.

        Furthermore, the TaxCloud module for Ubercart is actually throwing a PHP error when I bring up the Sales Tax report within the module. That is surely not the intended behavior.

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